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Join our Circle of Friends

Friends of One Good Turn are steadfast donors whose commitment to health and education creates a lifeline. When you become a Friend, you'll provide the steady, reliable funding that allows One Good Turn to improve health through education year-round. As a Friend, your monthly gift will build sustainable pathways to better health and well-being for neglected communities worldwide.


Our donors are the backbone of One Good Turn. We couldn't provide any of our services without funding from our incredibly generous individual donors and grant providers. From medical supplies to educational materials and research support, every contribution, large or small, makes a difference. 

Are you interested in adding medical support to your development work?  Whatever your mission, we can help expand your impact. We work with schools, clinics, churches, clean water orgs, and more. Partner with us and help provide culturally sensitive medical care in your community. 

We welcome volunteers to join our community. Whether you're in Austin, Texas or Nairobi, Kenya, there are always opportunities to contribute. We need help with everything from research to fundraising to graphic design and photography. Whatever your skill set, we would love to have your help. 

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